Madrid Hotel Guide

Madrid houses an array of hotels that range from the five-star Hotel Hesperia Madrid to low-budget hostals and pensiónes (hostels and low-rate boardinghouses). Many Madrid visitors choose to stay in and around the Puerta del Sol area, where accommodations are affordable and clean, not to mention nearby a vibrant nightlife. The Huertas neighborhood is also known for budget accommodations, while Salamanca and Retiro Park host more luxurious hotels.

    If you like to be in the heart of the action, don't mind a bit of noise, and appreciate real value for money, then look at the varied selection of hotels around the Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol, and Plaza Mayor. You can't get more central and you won't find a wider variety of day and night amenities right on your doorstep." -- Frommer's
    Reservations are recommended in summer and on weekends, especially in the Puerta del Sol area." -- Let's Go Madrid

Hostals & Pensiónes

Hostals and pensiónes are inexpensive places to stay in Madrid; generally, the two terms are interchangeable. However, pensiónes (low-rate boardinghouses) tend to shelter guests who are staying for longer periods of time. Do double-check to see whether your accommodation imposes curfews.

    Madrid also has a small number of apartotels. These combine the best of hotel and apartment facilities, and are designed for more self-sufficient visitors looking for the freedom to cook. Units come equipped with basic kitchen facilities and a hotel restaurant." -- Frommer's
    Grandma-style, Old World hostels with knitted doilies under table lamps, bulky antique furniture, and paintings of the Virgin Mary on white walls are losing out these days to boutique-style hostals that look like actualized Ikea catalogues. In our humble opinion, it's sometimes the older, more worn accommodations with the most heart and warmest welcome -- as long as you choose wisely." -- Eurocheapo
    Hostales and pensiones in Malasaña and Chueca are usually located on the upper floors of older buildings, so be prepared to climb. Accommodations can be a bit pricier here than other areas, but they are usually well-equipped and well-maintained." -- Let's Go Madrid


Pricey four- and five-star hotels are becoming mainstays in the Spanish capital. For the most part, these plush accommodations are clustered in Salamanca, Retiro Park and Chamberí though a handful can be found throughout the city. Recent travelers especially enjoyed their stays in the boutique Meninas Hotel for the ambience, centralized location and value.

    On the other end of the aesthetic spectrum, a crop of designer-savvy higher-end hotels has emerged. … There are a handful of hotels of this type that provide an injection of style without saddling guests with frightening check-out bills. Less expensive chains like Petite Palace and Room Mate are good examples of this accommodation." -- Eurocheapo
    If you'd rather be a bit farther away from the central bustle, then take a look at the modern, elegant hotels in and around the Paseo de la Castellana and the residential Salamanca and Chamartín districts, all of which offer laid-back comforts and quality accommodation within a 15-minute Metro ride of the Puerta del Sol." -- Frommer's

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