Armani Hotel Milan

The specs: A 95-room manse in the heart of Milan’s fashion district. The A-shaped (from the air) 1937 rationalist-style building also houses Armani concept stores.

The look: Sculptural, sensual shapes in varied textures, predominantly in Armani greige. The wow factor is the incredible attention to detail. Armani is said to have designed or approved everything himself, down to the length of the bath towels, the mother-of-pearl doors, the beige leather-lined walls, the backlit headboards.

The experience: Your “lifestyle manager” will give you a call or send an e-mail to see if there’s anything he can do for you before you arrive. In your room, a touch screen allows you to adjust the soft lighting, raise and lower the linen shades, change the climate, order room service, or summon your lifestyle manager—who will call or come straight to the room, as you prefer. There’s lots of buzz in the seventh-floor bar at aperitivi time, and the breakfast is worth lingering over.

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